Keeping Customers & Employees Happy & Healthy

Commercial Carpet Cleaning PittsburghProfessionals have made commercial carpet cleaning easier by advanced carpet cleaning methods. They’ve made it so fast and easy that it’s a pleasure to hire them.

One overlooked aspect of using commercial carpet cleaning is how happy it makes your customers and employees.

A beautiful, clean carpet has a pleasant smell, and it gives your establishment an ambiance that makes it a wonderful experience to shop, or do business with your company.

In addition, your employees need to endure long hours each day. A clean carpet can keep them healthy, too. Most commercial carpets contain a host of dust mites, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Keeping your carpet clean means better productivity and less sick days that could arise due to allergies from your carpet.

Top 4 Methods of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Here are the top ways that professionals accomplish commercial carpet cleaning:

1. Wet Cleaning – This is accomplished by using a portable shampoo machine. The brushes rotate at a high speed to pull the dirt out.

2. Dry Cleaning – This method uses a dry carpet cleaning machine, together with safe chemicals, to knock out dirt. Once the chemicals do the bulk of the work, industrial rotating brushes do the rest. Your carpet dries quickly, because the chemicals evaporate much faster.

3. Steam Cleaning – A commercial carpet cleaning company can also steam clean your carpet. The steam helps remove stubborn dirt and stains that are later vacuumed up. It can take up to a full day for the carpet to dry if it is steamed, but it is well worth it in the end.

4. Encapsulation Cleaning – Encapsulation is also a form of chemical cleaning. However, crystal polymers add extra strength to the detergent, and give the dirt in your carpet a one-two punch. This is especially important for high traffic business and office areas. This commercial carpet cleaning process can also help protect and keep your carpets cleaner for a longer period of time.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, and your business needs commercial carpet cleaning, contact the pros at Renew Carpet Care for more information.

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