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We present to you 3 reasons why you should choose Renew Capet Care services:

1. Protect Your Health! The Environmental Protection Agency studies show that the air inside our homes is significantly more toxic than outdoor air!  Dust mites, animal dander, indoor molds, and pollens all contribute to allergies and asthma!  Unfortunately, some (if not all) of these pesky contaminants are found in your carpet.  You can’t see ‘em, but they’re there.  The EPA says that temperatures must reach 130 degrees to kill dust mites.  Our truck-mounted super heated cleaning system brings water to more than 220 degrees Farenheit–good bye dustmites and dander!

2. Protect Your Investment! Think about the investment you made when you purchased carpet for your home.  If you are like most of us, you are interested in getting the maximum use for your investment.  Instead of opting to replace old, dirty carpet–renew  it!  You may not faithfully vacuum your carpet weekly.  (Yes, even carpet that appears “clean” should be regularly vacuumed to eliminate dust mites and dust.)

3.  Your Image! We’ve all walked into a home or business and cringed when we looked down!  Don’t let your carpet embarrass you.  If a realtor inspected your home, what would he say about your floors?  Family, friends, and YOU should feel at ease when you stand, sit, or relax on your carpet!  A very large part of a “first impression” of your home is based on the appearance (and odor!) of your carpet.