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Why clean your carpets? Professional carpet cleaning is recommended by the carpet manufacturing industry.  In fact, hot water extraction is the preferred method of cleaning by makers of carpet.  “Shampooing” and “Dry Foam” cleaning can actually damage the fibers of your carpet.  Additionally, without high powered extraction, a sticky residue is often left behind that will attract dirt.  Hot water extraction, on the other hand, will both clean fibers and remove soil and dirt.  Our competitors that use “portable” carpet cleaning devices or “dry-chemical” cleaning simply haven’t invested in the equipment that does the job best: truck mounted high powered water extraction.

We use a three step cleaning process.  First, we apply a gentle cleaning agent to loosen dirt and stains.  Next, we stimulate the cleaning agent with super heated water (200+ degrees).  Lastly we extract dirt, cleaning agent, and water together.  This leaves your carpet thoroughly clean!  The extraction process removes 95% of the water.  Allow a few hours for drying time, depending on the air flow in the given room.

Here’s another option to consider: carpet protector.  I highly recommend applying “Scotchgard” carpet protector after your cleaning.  Scotchgard improves your carpet’s resistance to spills and stains that could ruin your carpet.  After application of the protector, use can remove most stains and spills with warm water and a cloth.  This certainly is more economical than calling us out to care for a problem in between regularly scheduled carpet cleanings.