How Does 3M Carpet Protector Work?

3m carpet protectorOver the years, 3M has been serving the consumer with great innovative products, and one of those products is Scotchgard. Scientists had discovered an exclusive formula that resists stains on furniture, carpets, and clothing. Back in the 1950’s 3M scientists developed a Fluor chemical spray. Uniformly sprayed on fabric, it surrounds each fiber of fabric protecting it from oil or water-based spills that will not soak into the fabric, blot it, and Scotchgard prevents the fabric from staining.

Now that fabrics are changing, 3M Scotchgard needed to change. 3M has devoted its time in maintaining an ecological balance, by not using PFOS compounds in its products, anymore. 3M is environmentally conscious, and wants to help make the earth a better place to live. The newly formulated 3M Scotchgard provides equal or better protection, and has a favorable environmental, health and safety profile. 3M Scotchgard is safe and effective when applied accurately. It will generate a protective guard against dirt, grime, and liquid, giving you time to clean it before it stains. It prolongs the beauty of your carpet, furniture, and clothing.

3M Scotchgard is known world wide for its safe technology, and innovative development. Scotchgard works with natural and synthetic carpet fibers. 3M works closely with carpet mills to ensure they are in agreement with high quality standards of the Scotchgard brand and 3M. All Scotchgard carpet protection products are significantly tested and safely used in homes for more then 20 years. When the consumer buys Scotchgard protection, they expect the best, and that is why 3M works closely with the carpet mills. They want to make sure the consumer is buying the best product on the market. That is why 3M does its best to give you the best. When you spill something, immediately blot the spot and it will clean right up. The 3M Scotchgard Stain Release Warranty hot water extraction, requires that professionals clean your carpet at least every two years.

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Affordable Carpet Cleaning Remedies for the Home

Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Pittsburgh PAIn order to keep carpets clean in the home, it is important to routinely maintain them. If you have the privilege of getting new carpets, it is worth the effort to spray them with a commercial stain blocker. This will prevent stains from penetrating the fibers and make cleaning much easier, prolonging the life of your carpet. In addition, it is important to vacuum carpets weekly to remove dirt before it works itself down into the pad.

In addition to everyday wear and tear, pet stains and stains from spills are the most common areas of concern among carpet owners. Regardless of the type of spill, it is important to address it immediately. The longer the stain sits, the more difficult it will be to remove. First you should blot the stain with a clean towel or cloth. Rubbing the stain will only spread it to other areas on the carpet. While each individual stain can be addressed in different ways, a general rule of thumb is to use baking soda and club soda. In many situations, a mixture of baking soda and club soda will lift part or all of the stain, as well as neutralizing odor.
For pet stains, since odor is the main concern, the following procedure should be followed. Blot up as much urine as possible. Liberally cover the stain with baking soda. Cover the stained area and baking soda with some kind of plastic sheeting such as a plastic bag. Apply something heavy, like a stack of books, on top of the plastic in order apply additional pressure to the carpet. After 24 hours, remove the plastic and vacuum up the baking soda.

While there are countless home remedies for carpet stains, the best option is hire a professional carpet cleaning company. A professional will have powerful vacuums and chemicals that will be able to lift older stains and restore carpets. In addition, the job will be done quickly. Contact us today at (412) 573-9291.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Carpet Protectors

Chemical based carpet protectors allow you get the longest use out of your carpets. Everyday, heavily trafficked carpets suffer wear and tear from kids, pets, and general usage. Regular vacuuming helps extend the life of your carpet, but sooner or later, it’s not going to be enough to help remove dirt that gets trapped in the fibers.

Although carpet protectors need to be professionally applied, the benefit of a cleaner, longer lasting carpet makes it well worth paying for. Most professional cleaning companies will inspect your carpet and give you an estimate before they start.

A carpet protector is an application that provides an instant shield that surrounds the fibers of your carpet. This makes it very hard for dirt to dig in deep, and keeps your carpet protected during daily use. This shield also protects against most spills, which makes it easier for you to clean.

After the protector is applied, there is no odor and it is non toxic. Carpet protectors also dry very quickly, so there is very little inconvenience for you or your family.

The Benefits of Using a Carpet Protector

Here is a list of the main benefits of using a carpet protector:

  • Extends the Life of Your Carpet – Your fibers remain protected, and this helps make your carpet last longer when combined with regular vacuuming.
  • Shields Your Carpet – Carpet protectors provide an invisible tight shield around your carpet, making it hard for dirt to embed itself.
  • Easy to Clean – Dirt and other grime doesn’t get wrapped around the fibers, so your carpet is easier to keep clean.
  • Spills Don’t Saturate – Spills are easier to clean off carpets, because of the shield that carpet protectors provide.
  • Safe – Major carpet protectors are made from safe chemicals. This is great if you have kids or pets that are always on the carpet, and might be chewing on it.

If you want to get the most value out of your carpet, contact a carpet cleaning service today and ask them about carpet protectors for your home or office.

Invest in a carpet protector today, and help extend the life of your carpet. For further information about a professional carpet cleaning company in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, call Renew Carpet Care at (412) 573-9291.