Hot Water Extraction – How Hot Water Extraction Cleans Your Carpet

Hot Water Extraction in Pittsburgh, PAHot water extraction is an excellent method of carpet cleaning. It is one of the many ways that professional carpet cleaners can return the original appearance to your carpets.

There comes a time in very household when vacuuming doesn’t fully restore your original carpet’s beauty. Every day, your family soils your carpet with dirt and debris that is brought in from outside. Then, don’t forget about the drinks, food, and other ingredients that are spilled on your carpet throughout its lifetime.

What is Hot Water Extraction?

Hot water extraction is also commonly known as steam cleaning. It’s a technique that involves high pressured water to be pushed into your carpet. The hot water is mixed with cleaning ingredients to help quickly remove the dirt and grime from soiled carpets. At the same time the water is pressured into the carpet, a super powered vacuum is used to suck up the dirt from your carpet.

Although the technique sounds quite simple, it usually takes a professional carpet cleaner to get the job done right. Carpet cleaning companies have the equipment to handle tough carpet jobs. Although, store bought steam cleaners can work on smaller jobs, you will need a professional hot water extraction machine to remove deep dirt from carpets.

The biggest mistake that most homeowners make with their carpets is to wait too long before calling a carpet cleaner. Yes, you can keep your carpet cleaned by regular vacuuming and cleaning. Store bought steam cleaners can clean well if you don’t let your carpet get too dirty.

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