Cleaner Carpets Prevent Allergies

Carpet Cleaning Pittsburgh PAWhen you make a point to keep your home clean, it can help reduce the incidence of allergy and asthma. The carpet in your home can be one of the biggest triggers in your home, and also one of the hardest areas to clean. Animal dander can quickly build up in a home causing a potential problem with allergies.

There are many different allergens that can be found in the home environment. There are some things you can do to help ensure that you eliminate as many allergens as possible from the home.

Vacuum Often

A vacuum is an area where you should not try to purchase a cheap model. You want to make sure that you are using a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. This will help prevent allergens from being stirred up into the air. If you are the person that has allergies, you will want to use a mask while vacuuming.

Control Animal Dander

It may be possible to eliminate pets from the home, and this is the best case scenario. If you are unable to eliminate pets, you can keep pets in certain rooms in the home. There are certain breeds that may be more of a fit for those suffering with allergies.

Eliminate Dust Mites

If you have many things throughout your home and clutter on tables, this can create a place for dust. You can begin to eliminate items that will acquire and accumulate dust. There are covers you can use for your mattress and pillows to keep them free from dust mites.

Keep Mold And Pollen Out

You should keep the windows and doors to your home closed. You should make sure that the air filter in your home is replaced regularly also. Moisture should not accumulate in the home, and you will need to take measures to prevent moisture buildup in the bathroom and kitchen.

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How to Clean Old Pet Stains from a Carpet

Pet Puppy Stain Removal PittsburghAfter trying various methods, many pet owners are still wondering how to remove pet stain from their carpets. The fact is that pet stain removal can be a difficult procedure if you don’t know the proper removal techniques.

Pet stains can quickly embed deep inside your carpet fibers, and can also change the colors of your carpet. Since urine is acidic, it can destroy many types of carpet fabrics and leave a horrible odor. This can lead to hygienic issues, and cause homeowners to worry about how their carpets will look to guests.

One thing is for certain, if pet stains are not removed quickly from carpets, it can cause permanent damage.

Simple Steps on How to Clean Old Pet Stains from a Carpet

You might not be able to remove some stubborn old stains from your carpet without the services of a carpet cleaning company. It depends on how long they have been in your carpet, and the type of carpet you have. Some stains can be removed by following these important steps.

  • Use Hand Protection – You should always use rubber gloves or other hand protection when you decide to clean old pet stains from a carpet. Also, make sure you wash your hands when you finish for extra protection.
  • Blot Don’t Rub – It’s possible to use some dry paper towels to absorb as much of the stain as possible. It’s important to blot the stain and don’t rub it, because you could cause it to get deeper into the carpet fiber. After that, you can use a 4 to 1 solution of water and white vinegar (4 cups of water for every cup of vinegar). Pour the solution over the stain, let it soak for a couple of minutes, and then blot it up with more dry paper towels, and then rinse it off.
  • Carpet Cleaning Pet Stain Products – There are numerous products on the market that are specifically made to remove pet stains. It’s probably best to ask your friends and family what products they use to get rid of pet stains and odors. Just follow the directions, and make sure you blot it out before rinsing it.
  • Use Enzymes – There are specific pet stain products that contain enzymes that actually go to work and begin eating away the carpet stains. These products remove the stain, instead of just covering it up like some products.
  • Use UV Light to Detect – A UV light (also known as a black light) can easily detect old pet stains in the dark. Just turn out the lights in the room and turn on the UV light. The pet stains will be lighter in color. Newer pet stains will be bright, but older stains will have a more faded appearance. Once you locate the area, you should clean them immediately.

These are just a few simple ways that focus on pet stain removal from carpets. Whatever you try, make sure you test a small patch of the carpet first, just in case the detergent, or other cleaner, discolors the carpet. Remember, Renew Carpet Care, a professional carpet cleaning company,  is always a phone call away (412-573-9291), and they can help you get your carpet looking like new again.

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Pet Urine Odor Removal Tips

Pet Cat Odor Removal– Why You Should Use a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Pet urine odor removal is not easy from any place in your house. Even when it gets on tile and vinyl floors, the smell seems to linger in the air for hours after you have finished cleaning. Or, it disappears, only to return after the smell of the detergent wears off.

However, once cat or dog urine permeates a carpet, you’ve got serious issues. It’s difficult to remove the stain and the smell.

3 Top Pet Urine Odor Removal Tips

Enzyme Digesters – Enzyme digesters are friendly bacteria, and great for pet urine odor removal. This is dormant bacterium, which becomes activated once it is mixed with water. Once a solution of this is applied to your carpet, it converts the urine into food for enzyme digesters. As long as the area is kept wet, and at temperatures between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 30 degrees Celsius), the enzymes will continue to destroy the urine. To make sure the area stays wet, you can use a wet towel over the spot.

Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture – Many people have used this household method and swear by it.


  • 16 oz. bottle hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 teaspoon dish washing liquid soap
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 large plastic bottle

Mix all of the ingredients in a plastic container. Use a plastic spoon to mix them, and then place the ingredients into an empty plastic bottle. Then, you should use an ultraviolet black light. Just turn the other lights off, and shine the black light on your carpet. Cat and dog urine spots will illuminate under the black light. You want to fully saturate these with the hydrogen peroxide solution.

Finally, let the mixture air dry. Do not blot it, or try to vacuum it up. Once it is dry, you can vacuum any remaining baking soda particles that might still be on the carpet.

Remember, this method could be dangerous if you mix the hydrogen peroxide in other containers, or try to store it for later. It could possibly even explode. Therefore, do not try to store any leftover mixture. Instead, you should throw it out immediately. This pet urine odor removal is good, but could be dangerous if not used correctly.

Use a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service – The best pet urine odor removal solution is to contact your local professionals. This is especially true if you have larger areas that have pet urine, and if it’s been in the carpet awhile. They know the best ways to remove pet urine, and they won’t damage your carpets. Not only will they clean up the urine, they will have the rest of your carpet looking and smelling like new. They can also help remove other bacteria and pests such as bedbugs from your carpet.

You now have three pet urine odor removal methods. The best tip is not to wait too long before you have your carpet cleaned. The longer you take, the more difficult it will be to get the urine smell and stains out. Probably the best pet urine odor removal method is not to allow pets near your carpet in the first place.

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