Rug and Carpet Maintenance

Rug Maintenance - Some rights reserved by raindogRug and carpet maintenance keeps your rooms looking fresh and attractive. Not only that, it helps your carpets last much longer. For the best rug and carpet maintenance, follow these quick tips:

  • Weekly Vacuum – Vacuuming two or three times a week is a great rug and carpet maintenance technique. When you vacuum, you always remove dirt and other particles that can get trapped in your carpet, and can eventually stain, or wear your carpet fibers down.
  • Clean Spills Quickly – By removing spills as quickly as possible, you can avoid permanent stains in your rugs and carpets. Start out by using a dry cloth to blot out the liquid. If there are any solid particles, they can be removed by hand. Once you’ve removed the spill, use a damp cloth to blot out the rest.
  • Dealing with Heavy Traffic – Heavy traffic on your carpets can cause the fibers to unravel, and can also wear the fibers out. You can also use some throw rugs over your carpet in areas where there is a lot of traffic to keep your carpet protected.
  • Remove Shoes at the Door – You should never wear shoes inside your house. At least, you shouldn’t wear any shoes that you have been walking around outside with. In addition to gum, dog waste, and other foods, you can find tar, mud, grass, and other debris on the bottom of your shoes.┬áIf you remove your shoes, you not only eliminate most of the extra debris; your rugs will also stay clear of bacteria and other germs that you might pick up.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight – Direct sunlight can cause your rugs and carpets to fade. When it’s sunny on parts of your rug, it’s better to close your curtains.

Rug and carpet maintenance takes a little extra time, but it helps your carpets last longer. This means you won’t need as many visits by a carpet cleaning professional and you’ll save more money.

Rug and carpet maintenance helps every home. When your rugs and carpets need some extra attention in the Pittsburgh, PA area, you should contact Renew Carpet Care at (412) 573-9291.