Tips on Upholstery Care and Maintenance

Upholstery Cleaning - Flickr FrenchfindscoukUpholstery care and maintenance is a way to keep your furniture looking its best for the longest period of time. Upholstery gives your furniture a more comfortable feeling, and makes each home look unique.

When furniture is neglected, over time it will lose its luster, it won’t feel as comfortable, and will start to age and need to be repaired much faster. In this article, we will discuss a few upholstery and maintenance tips that will help you keep your furniture looking great for the maximum time possible.

7 Upholstery Care and Maintenance Tips

Here is a short list of tips on upholstery care and maintenance that you can apply immediately:

  • Professional Cleaning – No one wants to pay money to have their furniture cleaned, but having yearly (or every two years) upholstery care and maintenance on your furniture will help it last longer, which will save you lots of money in the long term.
  • Manufacturers Know Best – When it comes to self-cleaning care, always follow the cleaning information provided by the manufacturer.
  • Know Your Fabric – Different fabrics require different cleaning care. Don’t assume that what works best on one type of leather will work on another.
  • Spot Test – To make sure your cleaning solution doesn’t ruin your upholstery, try cleaning a small section first. Choose a small area and apply the solution. Wait until it is dry and inspect the results before adding the solution to the entire upholstery.
  • Blot Accidental Spills – Your spills should be removed as quickly as possible to prevent staining. Always blot and don’t rub. Use a clean, dry towel to remove the stain. Afterwards, use a wet towel to remove anything that is remaining.
  • Ventilate Your Kitchen – A well ventilated kitchen keeps odors, grease and smoke from dirtying any furniture.
  • Try Arm Covers – Sweaty and dirty arms and hands can quickly soil your upholstery and have it looking old quickly. Use arm covers to protect one of the most sensitive parts of your furniture.

If you follow the upholstery care and maintenance tips in this article, you can save money on professional cleaning, and your furniture will continue to look great for much longer.

Upholstery care and maintenance is very important for your home. So is a clean carpet. If you are in the Pittsburgh area and need a professional upholstery or carpet cleaner, contact Renew Carpet Care today! (CallĀ 412-573-9291)

Upholstery Cleaning in Pittsburgh – Why It’s Good to Use Professional Upholstery Cleaners

Pittsburgh Upholstery CleaningUpholstery cleaning in Pittsburgh is about professional care and quality service.

It is not enough to own beautiful and customized furniture. What’s even more important is for you to give it proper upkeep and repair.

Many people take pride in having the very best furnishings, including sofas, carpets, chairs, and also mattresses. However, if you don’t take care of them through proper upholstery cleaning, either by yourself or by using an expert cleaning service, you will find that they will start losing their color and luster.

Upholstery cleaning in Pittsburg offers the perfect solution for stains and odors left by you, your family, guests, and even your pets. They understand this, and therefore use different upholstery solutions for different materials. They have the expertise and knowledge to clean your valuable upholstery.

Furniture fabrics have very special needs. Although most furniture has labels with cleaning instructions, they are often not sufficient. Factories produce thousands of different combinations of fibers and material for today’s upholstery market. Pennsylvania’s top upholstery cleaners take special pride in their ability to clean virtually any type of fabric in your home or office.

Some Advantages of Using Upholstery Cleaning:

  • It’s a Healthy Solution – Your upholstery not only needs to be cleaned, it needs to be sanitized. Upholstery cleaning in Pittsburgh helps remove pet dander, dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens.
  • They Remove Tough Stains – Some of the newest high-tech equipment is used to remove dirt and stains from your upholstery, such as: dry cleaning, steam cleaning, dry foam, and shampoo cleaning. The methods that are used depend on the kind of fabrics you have.
  • They Use Fabric Protection – After your upholstery has been thoroughly cleaned, it’s a good idea to have your Pittsburgh cleaning professionals apply a fabric protector. This gives a transparent layer of protection that will keep your furniture clean for a longer period of time.

A lot of hard earned money and love goes into buying furniture for your home. You owe it to yourself to find the best upholstery cleaning to take care of your investment.

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